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Official Certified Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Course

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First Benelux WhatsUp Gold 2-day course
This 2-day WhatsUp Gold course takes a comprehensive look at the basics of getting up to speed understanding and configuring WhatsUp Gold for your business and getting the best value from the tool.

WhatsUp Gold Certified Trainer provides proven problem-solving skills through a series of practical, “how to” lessons within the context of real-life scenarios. This course delivers technically rich content and features a series of thought-provoking hands-on lab exercises under the guidance of industry expert instructors. This course can also be run as an in-company programme delivered on-site to meet your specific to meet your requirements.

Who should attend?
Network Managers and Senior Network Administrators and new team members.

Training Course Content
By the end of this 2-day course, participants will be able to:

  • Document Your Network Devices
  • Perform System Administration and Maintenance
  • Map Your Network Devices and Connections
  • Monitor Remote Sites from a Central Location
  • Monitor Network Devices and Assess the Performance of Your Network
  • Monitor Statistics of a Virtual Host
  • Create Alarms, Actions, and Alerts
  • Identify Network and Server Performance issues
  • Create Reports and Dashboards

Additional Deep Dive Based on the Experience of the WhatsUp Gold Certified Trainer:

  • Device Discovery:
    More detailed look at creating and editing the device profiles.
  • VBScript Monitors:
    Create and edit a VBScript monitor.
  • PowerShell Monitors:
    Create and edit a PowerShell monitor.
  • External Custom Dashboards:
    Create a custom dashboard with custom styling.
    Create status applets that are usable externally in other web pages.

Format: 2 days Classroom Instruction
Start/End Times: 0900-1700
Recommended Class Size: 5 – 15
Trainer: Certified WhatsUp Gold Instructor
BYOD: Bring Your Own Device (Laptop with Windows)

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